About iLogo Inralogy

PT. iLogo Infralogy is founded based on passion and faith in IT industries. We’ve seen opportunities especially in the world of networking. Our philosophy is based on client needs, and our will to give the best effort in support and services.

Our goal is to develop and apply the best solutions in IT industry, supported by effective communication with clients to help them achieving their goals. We view our clients as working partners, thus we always develop our relationship based on trust and integrity.

It makes us possible to provide solutions that efficiently solves our clients needs.

Design and Implementation, Outsourcing, Maintenance, Training, Consulting and Managing Services with the motto of iLogo anywhere, to help, to share and grow together. We are your IT Partner, leading the respective expertise in every aspect of networking business, including :

1. Design and Planning
2. Manage Professional Services
3. Implementation
4. Maintenance and Post Sales Services
5. Documentation

To remain competitive these days, global-networked businesses must take advantages of Information Technology (IT) . iLogo helps the customers in using the network as a primary tool to achieve their business goals, such as aggressively maximizing the revenue, satisfying their customers’ needs, and scaling the business systems more effective and efficient.

1. Planning (IT System Blueprint / Design)
2. Network Systems Design & Planning
3. IT Organization Setup
4. Disaster Recovery Planning & Design
5. Implementation & Troubleshooting of Network Systems
6. Project Management
7. Maintenance Service Contract
8. Network Health Check
9. Training
10. Outsourcing Service

To ensure network performance and reliability, we have a team, comprised of professionals with comprehensive knowledge & skills including LAN, WAN, Open Operating Systems & Network Operating Systems, and Video Technology. We can give the most suitable solutions for our customers in many indonesia area.

iLogo anywhere, to help,

to share and grow together - our vision