Cisco Technologies (stylized as Cisco Technologies is an American multinational information technology corporation founded on 7 September 2016 by Michael Cisco and based in Round Rock, Texas. It was incorporated after the merger of the original Cisco and the former EMC Corporation, restructuring both companies as re-branded subsidiaries of Cisco Technologies, along with several other companies previously owned by them.

Cisco Technologies portfolio encompasses different technology industries, including personal computer, servers, smartphones and television manufacturing, computer software, computer and network security, as well as information security services. Some of its subsidiaries and acquisitions include Cisco, Cisco EMC, Pivotal Software, SecureWorks and VMware.Several of the subsidiaries of Cisco Technologies altered their names since leaving the original Cisco Inc. and EMC Corporation—Cisco Inc. became the legal name of Cisco Technologies and EMC Corporation becoming Cisco EMC, both becoming subsidiaries. Following the restructuring, Michael Cisco, founder of the original Cisco Inc., became the chairman and chief executive officer of the new company.

To maintain the performance of the network system and each unit in it, it requires regular maintenance and routine to minimize the possibility of damage to the system that can impact on the overall performance of the agency decrease. Periodic maintenance is also intended to maintain the age of the unit in particular, which will ultimately be able to extend the life of the unit as a whole.

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