Affordable Data Security Solutions for Your Company.

We know SOC is a centralised location where cybersecurity teams monitor, detect, analyse and respond to cybersecurity incidents. Various activities for data protection are of course carried out 24/7. Their job is to oversee various activities on servers, databases, networks, applications, endpoint devices, websites and various other devices. The goal of the SOC team itself is to anticipate potential security threats and thwart them as quickly as possible if an attack is indicated.

Mini SOC, is an affordable product for those of you who need data security services at an affordable price. Our Standard SOC Service Packages includes 24×7 Support with free premium security. If you don’t have a firewall, we also provide firewall rentals, be it Sophos, Fortinet, and Cisco Meraki with a free 1 year licence.

We also provide digital security services to suit your needs and budgets.


100% Automated Threat Detection & Blocking (Phising, Ransomware, Malware, APT, Botnet, Bruteforce, etc)

threat scoring

Automated Threat Scoring from 60+ Threat Intel Sources

24 7 dewaguard

Managed by Dewaguard SOC Team 24×7

powered dewaguard

Powered by Dewaguard Threat Intelligence 24×7


Monthly Security Reports

secure zero day

Security Advisory for Zero-Day Attacks


Monitored Network Traffic

whatsapp soc

Priority WhatsApp Group With Our SOC Analysts