Cabling is a critical foundation which is affected the effectivity quality in your network that runs on your company to decide the operation on business. We will provide you a service in cabling and wiring that will help your network infrastructure working properly and effectively.

As a customer-centric we are going to provide you a solution that is exceedingly cost effective and reliable, and also a system that are able to handle complex communication network very completely, Our system is designed for able to cater the fast paced evolving requirement.

Our expertise will enable us to tackle all the challenges that connected with wired and wireless networking, and integrate everything to the secure environment by providing the effective foundation.

With our system we are going to enhance the ergonomics of works for our clients, that’s why we are reliably equated to quality structured cabling solution.

Here is the service we are going to offer in Structured Cabling System:


  • Cabling Connection Diagram Plan : We will provide you a connection diagram to support your network infrastructure depending on your working environment and requirement.
  • Cabling Media : We provide you cabling solution price based on market for your preference. if you don’t have any, we will provide you a solution based on our experience that help you decide.
  • Cabling path design and installation : (cabling path design and installation will based on the first phase planning, bearing in mind about future maintenace).

Wiring Center

  • Documentation : We document the detailed documentation since we believe a detail documentation will be a success factor in installation and maintenance in future.
  • Quality Installation : By sending trained technicians equipped with proper installation technique and all the right tools, we give you quality and tested installation.